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Specialist Photographers Manchester

As in life, so in photography, there are without doubt some subjects that cry out for specialist photographers with experience and associated equipment beyond that of the general practice photographer. Advances in digital imaging has presented new possibilities pushing the boundaries of imaging like never before. These new creative horizons demand increasingly more specialist skills to make the most of these new visual opportunities.

Whether it's
aerial, light-painting, elevated-viewpoint, panoramic photography or advanced architectural or product digital finishing Inside Out Photography (IOP), has that experience!

Bespoke Aerial Photographers

Aerial images offered for sale by 'cold callers' are often enlarged sections of much wider views taken using a 'blanket-bombing' approach with no regard for the optimum sun position for any particular building.

Aerial photographer Bernard O'Sullivan owner of IOP has over Forty-years personal experience of delivering bespoke aerial photography. IOP do not compromise when it comes to waiting for perfect weather and choosing the optimum time of day, our only restriction is as always client logistics and dead-lines.

After using a Cessna for over twenty years we now use a 'Raven 4' helicopter, flying out of Barton airfield. This aircraft is fast manoeuvrable and if required has enough space in the back for a client to accompany us in comfort.

Images are captured on high resolution 45.7meg high-speed digital equipment, and most importantly every view individually digitally enhanced for optimum results.

Panoramic Photographers

Whether interior or exterior, cityscape or landscape, there are few creative vehicles as impressive as a large-format pin-sharp panoramic photograph.

Inside Out Photography (IOP) are experienced panoramic photographers, providing ultra-high resolution 155˚ - 360˚ ultra-high resolution panoramic photography.

One of our oldest panoramic clients in Manchester United Football Club with 360 degree images of Old Trafford ground easily reaching 3-4gig, yielding images over twenty-feet across with readable terrace numbers that easily withstands being scrutinised close up.

NB: For client copyright reasons we are unable to showcase these images on our website.

Specialist Photographic Light-Painting

Some large open-plan interiors leave no-where to place a light without it appearing in shot, while some industrial installations are simply too vast or complex to light in one-go. Specialist light-painting photographers IOP, use a technique of multiple exposures and a hand held ‘roving’ flash-head to take lighting where-no-light-has-gone-before.

IOP overcomes these issues of hiding lights by using a highly-specialised technique called 'light-painting'. This approach involves multiple exposures lighting sections of the interior step by step using hand-held roving-flash-heads until the entire structure has been covered. This collection of images is then carefully blended together using as much, or as little of each individual exposure to reveal texture and often hard to see hidden details in the highest-darkest recesses of interiors without overwhelming the natural ambience of these special places.

Conversely, some small products with complex shapes or crevices demand a creative mixed lighting approach.

Architectural Light-Painting

Open plan spaces with reflective wall surfaces, paintings, mirrors, polished wood are traditionally almost impossible to light, as there is nowhere to place a light without it being in or reflected in the shot. IOP specialise in light-painting to breath positive light and texture into the darkest corners of any interior even heavily mirrored spaces.

Interior of restaurant showing example of light-painting stages.

ABOVE: A selection showing six of twenty-five different exposures. IOP use a roving hand-held flash-head lighting direct sections of the room, including a separate exposure for window detail. Sections of these individual exposures were then selected ensured that all areas/wall were lit minimising reflections and ensuring all table linen was neutral.

This technique makes it possible for an interior with multiple mirrors of picture frames to be lit without the lighting being seen.

BELOW: The final composite with all exposures carefully blended with negative lighting (reflections/hot-spots), and of course the photographer removed.

Interior of restaurant showing results of light-painting

Industrial Light-Painting

Specialist industrial light-painting photographers IOP use multiple separate exposures, to creatively blend soft, hard, direct and angled lighting in one single image to produce stunning impossible results. From giant storm-drains large enough to take a mini, or industrial machinery the size of 6 terrace houses to small intricately detailed components.

The fantastic advantage of this approach is two fold, it allows for the placing of lighting inside large installations and covering a wide area. The time actually on site along with any production interruptions is greatly reduced with the final image being assembled at
IOP's office at a later date.
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Multiple exposures are then later assembled to produce the finished image. Want to change a certain element of the multiple lighting?. No problem; even well after the shoot has been completed.

Elevated View Photographers

Some subjects cry-out to be shot from a high vantage-point, which might not be readily available. IOP use a portable ground-based elevated camera support systems, which readily overcomes this problem.

High-View - Architecture: Produces elevated views up to approximately 20-Ft vertically. This system is portable, and lightweight, ideal for interiors such as atriums and perfect for photographing ceiling and lighting installations or for exterior views looking over parked cars or hedges.

Talk to specialist elevated view photographers
Inside Out Photography to discuss how we can look at your factory or office or machinery.
Interior High-view

Architectural High-view

Architectural High-view

High-View - Industrial: Provides a hovering vantage point directly over subjects using a remote-controlled boom. This system can capture a seemingly impossible view mid-air above a production line safely!

Talk to specialist elevated view photographers
Inside Out Photography to discuss how we can look at your production line or machinery in a different way.

Industrial High-view

Industrial High-view

Your corporate image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

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