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Architectural Photography

While it is obviously impossible toThe only alternative to 'Take your project with you to a meeting', the only alternative is to effectively visually capture your project at its best and do real justice to the ingenuity and quality of your architectural skills. 

Bernard O'Sullivan founder of
 IOP has a long standing genuine interest in architecture and shares your imagination and passion for your profession working alongside architects for many years.

With over Forty-Three Years experience
IOP has delivered award winning images of most sectors of the architectural, civil engineering and construction professions including Corporate, Hospitality/Retail, Show houses/Residential, and Heritage.

Corporate and Office

Hospitality and Retail

Many bookings for hotels and restaurants will be an internet search by first-time customers, you have a few brief seconds to halt their browsing and capture their attention ahead of your many competitors. Make no mistake; the desirability, comfort and ambience of your business, will be swiftly visually judged.

Ensure you convey a strong positive message that leaves people with no doubt of the quality and ambience of your venue. IOP has the experience and imagination, to showcase your restaurant or hotel in the most attractive light possible.

Logistically IOP are well versed in liaising with managers to minimise any disruption to your daily business operations, whilst delivering images with real appeal, within time constraints but without any compromise on quality.

Show Houses and Residential

Apart from our choice of life partner, there aren't many things that are more personal than selecting the place we and our family call home. So when it comes to photographing residential interiors the images must reflect this need to 'nest build' with a friendly, inviting, personal visual approach. 

IOP creates light, airy, vibrant images, that are both contemporary and welcoming, photography that will do justice to the insight and finance that went into a project and ensure your scheme is represented in the most attractive light possible.


Typically, castles medieval churches etc, are large mostly empty spaces with low ambient light, often poorly illuminated for conservation reasons.

These man-made caverns cry-out for additional illumination but leave nowhere to place lights without them being, 'in the shot'. IOP overcomes these previously impossible hurdles by using a highly-specialised technique called 'light-painting'

Light-painting involves high powered roving-flash-heads and multiple exposures, sections of the interior are lit step by step until the entire structure has been covered. This collection of images is then carefully blended together using as
much, or as little of each individual exposure to reveal texture and often hard to see hidden details in the highest-darkest recesses of interiors without overwhelming the natural ambience of these special places.

Inevitably this technique is time consuming both to shoot, and to computer process afterwards. But when we successfully breath life into an open space interior the end result really is worth the time. 
IOP take light where no light has gone before!

Construction - Civil Engineering

Whether you work as a civil engineer, architect, building materials supplier, or construction professional, you know all too well that your skills and inventive engineering solutions are often hidden from view once a project is completed never to be seen again and perhaps therefore under appreciated.

Construction-progress photography records those key stages of a project, 
before they are hidden and lost forever! These images need to be captured sometimes to a specific hour, regardless of timing or weather conditions, .

From buildings to infrastructure, bridges to marine construction, 
IOP have over Forty-Three years personal experience of getting the right shot, at the right time.

Your corporate image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out photography are award-winning commercial photographers operating from
Manchester and Tideswell, serving the North West, Midlands, UK wide and central Europe

T  07831 344 722

Pen-y-Ghent, Manchester Road, Tideswell, Derbyshire, SK17 8LL

We do have a Manchester address for image restoration drop-offs

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