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Specialist Photographers

As with many aspects of life, there are some photographic subjects that without doubt, require a deeper specialist experience and knowledge of associated equipment.

Whether it's
aerial, elevated-viewpoint, panoramic photography or advanced architectural or product digital finishing Inside Out Photography (IOP), has that experience!

Aerial Photography

IOP use ultra-high resolution 36.3 meg pix high-speed cameras, to capture pin-sharp bespoke aerial images.

2 aerial views over Nottingham.

To view more aerial photography click HERE

High-View Elevated Photography

Sometimes a building or product shouts out for an elevated view-point, which might not be naturally available. IOP can offer High-View 1 and 2. These are ground-based elevated camera support systems that can produce seemingly impossible mid-air views of property or products.

Elevated viewpoint for architectural subjects.
Example of High-View compared to Standard ground view

To view more High-View photography click HERE

Panoramic Photography

IOP provides stunning 155˚ - 360˚ ultra-high resolution panoramic photography, creating razor sharp images that are intended for close up scrutiny, measuring many metres not cm covering entire walls.

Panoramic view Manchester City FC

To view more panoramic photography click HERE

Light-Painting Photography

IOP use hand-held roving flash-lighting to breath life and texture into the far corners of a large factory or an open-plan office. Light-painting products allows a wonderful blend of soft and hard oblique lighting to reveal intricate detail in products.

Compare the 'before with ambient lighting' and 'after light-painting example below.

Light-painting industrial interiors

To view more light-painting photography click HERE

Digital Product Finishing

Buildings or products sometimes require photographing before final completion. From laying Tarmac or turf, to finishing prototype products, IOP can make your project or product look 'as you want it’ when 'you need it'

Digital product finishing

To view more digital finishing click HERE

Digital Architectural Finishing

Examples of digitally finishing architectural subjects.

Digital Image Restoration

Most people have old family photos that might be torn, damaged or faded, these images are dear to them but also an important part of our wider social history.

Many people are genuinely taken aback when they see the detail that IOP can retrieve from seemingly impossibly faded old images.

Advance photography restoration

To view more photograph repair and restoration click HERE

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out photography are award-winning commercial photographers operating from
Manchester and Tideswell, serving the North West, Midlands, UK wide and central Europe

T  07831 344 722   -   E

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Inside Out Photography
Pen-y-Ghent, Manchester Road, Tideswell, Derbyshire, SK17 8LL

151 Braemar Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6PN *
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