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Inside Out Photography - Privacy Policy

In addition to our general terms and conditions and professional policy, the purpose of this page is to clarify our privacy policy regarding information collection etc.

Client Confidentiality

Inside Out Photography promises to respect client(s) confidentiality regarding any information received including any industrial/commercial processes observed. This also extends to IOP promising when requested, not to publish any images which depict commercially sensitive information, or which might risk 'spoiling' events, launches or announcements, until such time when the client(s) deems said information to have ceased to be time-sensitive or confidential.

Photography Privacy Policy

Inside Out Photography respects the privacy of all person(s) that we photograph. Where practical Inside Out Photography will never publish an image of an individual against their wishes when they might reasonably be expected to be recognised. This may exclude some crowd scenes where an individual's image is deemed to be incidental background detail.

Community photography In respect to our bono-fide community events based photography, Bernard O'Sullivan will never publish any image which might be deemed to depict any individual(s) in a negative or derogitery manner. My policy is to remove any image closely featuring individuals upon request, although this has never been necessary.

Email Policy

Inside Out Photography does NOT use subscription email databases and would never pass on contact details without obtaining written permission.

Inside Out Photography
has taken steps to ensure that all emails we send are virus protected, however we do recommend that you install and use your own virus protection software.

Inside Out Photography accepts no liability for any loss or damage which arise out of such software viruses.

Website Data Protection Policy

Please note, apart from anonaymouse website visiter numbers data. Inside Out Photography does not collect, record or retain any information from visitors, including email addresses arising out of the contact page.

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