Aerial Photography Manchester – Images from a different perspective…

Is your site, construction or building so extensive that you can’t really capture it from ground level?

Have you considered taking some shots from the air? Inside Out Photography (, based in Manchester and Derbyshire, offer a specialist aerial photography service. With considerable experience in commercial, industrial and architectural photography, Inside Out appreciates that sometimes you need to look at things from a different angle.

In addition to the High View technology, which is a ground based elevated photography service allowing cameras to raise up to 20ft, Inside Out offers a specialist service of aerial photography. Using a Robinson 44 Raven II helicopter, based at Barton Airfield just outside Manchester, Inside Out can provide clients with a birds-eye view of their premises, projects and constructions. So whether you need to photograph a bridge or a stadium, an area of countryside or a well known building, even a town or city, or simply your organisation’s head office or operational site, Inside Out Photography can provide you with the solution you are searching for.

The Robinson 44 Raven II is fast and manoeuvrable and even allows enough space for a client to join us on the flight. Passenger views are unobstructed in this helicopter due to the open cab design, enabling you to clearly see the focus of the image and direct the photographer on the key elements required in your image, if so desired.

No compromises on quality of image

Obviously when using a specialist service like aerial photography, the weather is a key factor in the success of the exercise. Inside Out recognises the importance of getting the right shot and therefore never compromises on waiting for the appropriate weather. Aerial photography is of course a bespoke service and at Inside Out we are passionate about ensuring we take the right photo to project your construction or site in its best light (literally and metaphorically!). Our motto ‘Your Image is Your Future: Trust it to a True Professional’ is what we believe and we endeavour to achieve the best image for our clients at every shoot to make that difference when you are promoting your company.

As with all the photographs taken by Inisde Out Photography, images are captured in ultra-high resolution. Each view is individually digitally enhanced for optimum results.

As a photographer based in Manchester and Tideswell, Buxton, Inside Out take pride in servicing the North West, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire and beyond. To discuss your aerial photography ideas and requirements call Bernard on 0161 881 3385.

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Finishing School The Digital Version

On occasions due to publishing deadlines, Inside Out Photography (IOP) are asked by clients if we can photograph something which doesn’t at the time exist in the exact form it will eventually be marketed.

Architectural Finishing

This might involve anything from, dropping in the final top layer of Tarmac or landscaping, removal of distracting signs, and even the replacement of faulty lights to avoid having to re-visit a site with the associated costs! This especially applies to access-sensitive sites or long distance locations!

Product Finishing

This varies from minor changes to product colour, to vehicle livery updates, right through to more involved prototype-to-finished-product conversion.

However it is vital that any digital enhancements are not over-played, IOP is highly skilled at accurate and subtle, high-resolution digital re-touching to minimise distractions and maximise impact. IOP ensures your project/product looks its best, when you need it to!.

Examples shown below

Crane-Cab_Digitally-Resprayed Digital-Landscaping_Tarmac-Laying Digital-manipulation-1 Hi-contrast_Tonal-expansion Lawn-laying Laying-flooring Media-City_Lighting-Retouch Old-Photographs-Repaired Product-finishing-2 Rattan-Furniture-In-Garden-FLAT Sky_dropping-in Vehicle-removal
















BernardO’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

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Industrial Photography from a new Perspective

Sometimes it can be frustrating to try and project your company’s products or buildings in a way that makes your customers look twice. At Inside Out Photography, Bernard has the skills, experience and passion to create the best pictures of your business. With specialist cameras and equipment Inside Out can take views you might not have considered before and give a new perspective to your photographic images.

A Different View

At Inside Out we have invested in different camera technologies to enable a wider range of photographic options to be offered to our clients. Whether internal or external shots are required, Bernard can arrange cameras at different heights to capture your building or production line without the intrusion of visual distractions from the main feature.

Inside Out have two methods for taking birds eye view pictures, using specially adapted elevated photography techniques. High View 1 is a light weight portable apparatus which provides us with the potential to take photographs remotely up to 20 foot up. This is particularly useful for taking buildings surrounded by vehicles or shooting ceiling or lighting installations.

Elevated_example-3 Elevated_example-6a







High View 2 is an exciting mobile camera, which is fantastic for the hovering vantage above subjects or production lines, taking images of your technical equipment in action. It can also be used advantageously from a flat roof or balcony.




















The Devil is in the Detail

However it may be that your product is small and detailed and you need your customers to understand and visualise the intricate nature of your designs or manufactured items. Inside Out Photography has a wide experience of shooting the most tiny and complex products such as pcbs to the extreme of large buildings and aircraft. Bernard takes great pride in understanding his client’s requirements pre-shoot. He invests time in visiting each new client prior to the photographic session to note down the requirements and objectives of the photography as well as to understand the risks and site restrictions, enabling production to continue without disruption.

Why Inside Out?

With over 35 years’ experience Bernard has turned himself ‘inside out’to get the shots he wants to best portray his clients industrial activity. Many of Inside Out’s clients often apologise for their products not being the most photogenic, but Bernard has the skills and equipment to bring out the best of everything, showing off your products and manufacturing to outshine the competition. This is why our motto is ‘Your Image is Your Future: Trust it to a True Professional’. Providing professional photography is not just a job for Bernard as you will understand when you meet him. More evidence of his passion for his career is shown by the fact he goes home and takes photos, as well as providing images for local festivals and events around Manchester and Buxton, Derbyshire.

Professional Industrial Photography at its Best

Bernard puts everything into his work and has been rewarded with numerous awards for his commercial, architectural and creative shots as well as three golds and a bronze awarded by the BIPP (British Institute of Photography) North West for his industrial photography. For a full list of all the professional photography awards won by Inside Out see and click on ‘Awards’.

For more information and to discuss your business’photographic requirements, give Bernard a call on 0161 881 3385.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography 

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Why might you need a Commercial Photographer in Manchester?

Would you ask a friend who had some scissors to style your hair, or someone who likes motors to service your car?

Probably not, then why let someone who happens to own a camera take your corporate, product and commercial photographs? At Inside Out Photography we believe that ‘Your Image is Your Future: Trust it to a True Professional’.

Inside Out Photography’ does not only provide commercial, industrial and architectural photography services, but has a passion for photography; for Bernard it is not just a career it is a lifetime ambition to provide creative images even of the most banal products.

Why is Inside Out Photography different from other photographers?

We listen to our clients and most importantly invest time in learning about your business, your products and comprehend your expectations. With over 35 years experience in the photography industry, there are very few things we haven’t photographed. Bernard immerses himself in each project no matter how large or small as if it was his only photo shoot ever, resulting in the best images every time. In fact the buzz for Bernard is putting a smile on a client’s face when they see his photos of products or buildings, which they just didn’t think could look that aesthetically pleasing.

Increasing your competitive advantage

By providing high quality creative commercial images we can help gain you advantage in your market place, no matter whether you are in the business of making or servicing or whether you are looking for contemporary PR shots or production in action, Inside Out Photography will find the best way to promote your company through top quality creative photographic images. With our vast experience and imagination we always find a way, by creative use of light, colour and/or angles to make your company’s images outshine the rest.

Photography fit for purpose

 As part of our pre-shoot visit or meeting, Inside Out Photography ensure we fully understand your needs – such as what will the images be used for – is it for print, digital or exhibition usage – that way we can take the photographs with the most appropriate resolution for the purpose you require. For businesses who need their pictures to be extra large and retain their clarity we use ultra-high resolution 36.3 meg pix digital equipment to capture the finer detail.

Commercial Photography in Manchester and Buxton

Inside Out Photography look forward to working with your business in the Manchester area, the North West region or Buxton area, although we also work with companies across the UK and into mainland Europe. We like to help make the difference to showcase your products and services to promote your business operation in its best light. At Inside Out Photography we really believe we are a little bit different and go that extra mile to stand out, as you will see many of our clients agree – see their testimonials on our website, where you can also see some examples of our work and a bit more detail regarding the services we offer. Above all remember ‘Your Image is Your Future: Trust it to a True Professional’.

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Alls Well in Tideswell

As part of  Inside Out Photography’s (IOP) ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community, Bernard O’Sullivan founder of IOP recent covered the annual Tideswell food festival.

For those who aren’t familiar with the village,  Tideswell is in Derbyshire roughly half way between Bakewell and Buxton and is known as the ‘Cathedral of the Peaks’ due to its beautiful and surprising large church.

Tideswell is a beautiful tranquil but not sleepy, village with a host of active community groups.

One of these groups organises the annual Food Festival, attracting a number of specialist food producers both locally and further afield.

This was Bernard’s first opportunity to actively support the village community by providing his services pro-bono for this and future events.

As you can see from the images below it was a great atmosphere with wall-to-wall smiles and even,,, sunshine!
















Your image is your future: trust it to a true Professional

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Supporting The Wider Community

Bernard O’Sullivan commercial photographer and founder of Inside Out Photography (IOP) believes that helping others, even in small ways makes us feel better as individuals and makes our community stronger! IOP supports a number of groups either by providing photography or lectures pro bono, or supporting other professionals by promoting professional photography in the North West.

So; What Do We Do?

Since 1992 Bernard has been visiting camera clubs and other associations to talk about his work and pass on professional tips etc, all on a travelling expenses only basis!

Supporting the Manchester based charity Wai Yin by delivering a major photography project pro bono!

Supporting and promoting fellow professionals in the North West, as a committee member of the BIPP North West region since 2006 and being chairman of the region between 2010 – 2013!

Supporting student photographers by offering work experience, imparting professional advice and giving them the opportunity to shadow me’ on interesting shoots

Supporting various community groups in the Tideswell area by providing pro bono photography to help promote the village!

Supporting the missing people charity ‘Missing’ by providing what images and help we can! (Due to start late summer 2014)

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Is spring the best time for commercial photography?

As the sun begins to shine and we start to embrace the warmer weather, moods begin to lift in the business world. This is a bonus for commercial photographers and also businesses who want to embrace the current season by showcasing their product or service to their current or potential customers.

Many consider the spring season to be most inspirational time of year due to the vibrant colours of nature and natural light surrounding the cities of Britain. This can mean more limited editing for commercial photographers as they can already create naturally beautiful photographs using the stunning scenery. If you are a business wanting to promote yourself or your product, the forgiving light this time of year allows even the dullest widgets to look beautiful against the spring time landscape!

From bright yellow rapeseed fields and lush green grass to the light pink blossom on the trees, springtime offers photographers a mass colour to work with to promote a variety of different products or services. For example showing food on the table for a restaurant promotion could be made more visually appealing by adding a vivid yellow daffodil to make people rejoice in the current season and the food that comes along with it.

The lighter nights at this time of year allow photographers to have a greater spectrum of choice about the time of day they can shoot, meaning more flexibility for you the client. Longer hours of light means photographers can choose the best time to take shots, without it being a rushed process to capture the perfect shot before the sun sets.

If you are interested in using our award-winning company for your commercial photography needs then please send us an email or call us on 01618813385. Describe your requirements and we’re sure to be able to help.

You can also read some of our testimonials from happy clients on our website and take a look at one we have included below.

“I was impressed by the company’s professionalism from start to finish. Not only did Bernard devise an eye-catching concept prior to the shoot, but I was also able to identify the images I liked as they were being produced. The final result was a set of striking images that perfectly capture the essence of my translation business.”

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You wait & wait for a new webpage to come along and then!!

Manchester and Tideswell/Buxton based commercial photographers Inside Out Photography (IOP) have just added not one but 3 new pages to their website.

IOP are long established professional photographers providing commercial, industrial, architectural and aerial photography UK wide and western Europe.

IOP are pleased to announce 3 new webpages, a combined Tourism – Inward-Investment page, a FAQ – Advice page and a brand new Community page.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Capturing the Great Outdoors with Commercial Photography in Manchester

Going outdoors can be a great way to produce powerful commercial photography. As well as architecture and nature, outdoors photography can also yield great results for fashion shoots, product launches and PR shots. And yes, even it’s possible to get great commercial photography outside even if shooting in Manchester!

Inside Out Photography (IOP) are commercial photographers based in Manchester and Tideswell, Buxton with decades of experience, a very good reputation and an enviable client list including household names and local businesses alike. Here are some of their helpful tips for producing high quality commercial photography of the great outdoors.

Don’t forget the purpose of commercial photography
Britain can be beautiful. The Lake District, the Peaks – even Manchester city centre – all can be the setting for amazing photographic images. But don’t get carried away. Remember, the primary purpose of your commercial photography isn’t to create great art: it’s to convey your intended commercial message. An experienced commercial photographer such as IOP will know how to find that balance between creativity and commerciality.

Consider aerial photography
Aerial photography can produce very powerful shots of large areas, such as building complexes and sporting stadia. Indeed, Manchester United Football Club have commissioned IOP to produce aerial photography of Old Trafford on several occasions. It isn’t suited to every commercial photography project (an aerial shot of your new MD or computer components won’t be much use!) but for the right project the results can be breathtaking.

Choose your location carefully
Some locations lend themselves to commercial photography better than others. Your photographer will be able to advise you on the right location to convey the mood, tone and message you’re looking for.

Have a back-up plan if possible
Sadly, the British weather is notoriously unpredictable. Wind, rain and poor lighting can all put paid to your plans for outdoor commercial photography. Indeed, Manchester wouldn’t be Manchester without a bit of rain! If possible, consider having a “plan B” of taking your commercial photography indoors. This isn’t possible for every project, but if you can have a back-up plan, it’s highly recommended.

The camera never lies – but it can certainly stretch the truth!
If you do go ahead with your shoot as planned and the weather has made your shoots a bit less vibrant than you were hoping for, all is not lost. A good commercial photographer will be able to edit your shots using post-production retouching. Use an experienced photographer such as IOP and no-one will ever know your stunning shots have been edited!

Inside Out Photography offer their commercial photography services across Manchester, Derbyshire, the North West of England and beyond. Find out what they could do for you and your business at

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New Office location for inside Out Photography

Inside Out Photography (IOP) now have a second office based in the village of Tideswell near Buxton, why would you want to know that? Well fuel costs for travelling are becoming a significant factor in compiling quotes these days, If you have a shoot at your premises or elsewhere, travelling time eTc will now be calculated based on the distance from the nearest IOP address, this hopefully will help to keep costs down!

Inside Out Photography also recently launched a ‘What our clients say about us’  page for the website.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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