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Case Studies

On this page you will find a sample list of Inside Out Photography's (IOP) most recent commissions, plus some interesting case studies from past years.

Why Feature Past Case Studies?

It's always a risk showing clients work dating back more than a couple of years, but we believe this
history illustrates not only IOP's longevity, but also how Bernard's shooting style has evolved professionally over the Thirty-Six years.

These are all commissioned shoots which give you an insight into the service we deliver, and how
IOP is constantly striving to push creative standards and improve the service we provide to our clients.

Here's a thought!

Just how
do you know that the wonderful images on a photographers website were real-world commissions and not an exercise. Even more alarming, have you ever questioned if the is their own and not 'lifted' from another website
This DOES happen and
IOP, have found our images on other photographers websites, claiming them as their own! There are some very naughty people out there!

Well; the answer comes in two parts; us a photographer who can show you case studies, ideally
,supported by client's comments that can be checked up on!

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out Photography - Manchester - Tideswell/Buxton

Chorlton - Manchester   -   Telephone 0161 860 5769   -   Email
Tideswell - Buxton   -   Telephone 07831 344 722   -   Email

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