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Health And Safety Policy

Inside Out Photography (IOP), we take health and safety seriously! We are fully conversant of all health and safety issues relevant to the duties of a professional photographer.

The founder of
IOP Bernard O’Sullivan has over Thirty-Six years personal experience of working safely and equally importantly, recording others working safely, in compliance to current health and safety regulations.

IOP’s policy is simply this; if a situation does not comply with current health and safety regulations or, if it simply appears to be unsafe, it does not get photographed!

This approach is designed in part, to protect you the client from inadvertently breaching H&S requirements by using an image in a brochure, exhibition or website, that might be deemed to depict unsafe work practice.

On location

01:   IOP strictly impose all general health and safety policies. Including, use of personal safety wear, site hats, boots, gloves eye and ear protection, and hi-vis clothing.

02:   IOP strictly impose any site-specific bespoke H&S requirements such as those regulations relating to working near railway lines etc

03:   IOP adhere to all site-specific bespoke third-party H&S requirements, covering use of infra-red and radio transmitting equipment.

04:   IOP adhere to all site-specific bespoke third-party H&S requirements, covering use of discharge lighting systems*, in combustible environments.

05:   IOP adhere to all other site-specific bespoke safety H&S requirements, covering use of hair-nets in food-production.

06:   IOP use controlled-descent drop-arrest safety harnesses, on equipment when working at heights.

07:   IOP adhere to all other site-specific PAC testing requirements.

08:   IOP carry £5,000,000 public liability cover, (a copy of policy will be supplied upon request! (If required please give as much notice as possible).

09:   IOP will supply pre-visit site-specific risk assessment reports if required.

10:   IOP promote general awareness of any other potential hazards that may be encountered.

11:   IOP will report any potential safety hazard to the management of the site concerned.

*Electronic Flash

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out Photography - Manchester - Tideswell/Buxton

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Tideswell - Buxton   -   Telephone 07831 344 722   -   Email

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