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Copyright Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions and clarification of copyright, are designed to protect BOTH Inside Out Photography (Also referred to as - IOP) and their clients.

The purpose of the information on this page, is to re-assure our clients of our professional integrity, explain how we operate and clarify exactly what you can expect from
IOP. This is specially in regard to quotes, copyright and dispute to protect the rights of both parties.

anything on this page cause you concern or, if you require additional clarification, please contact us by telephone or email to discuss your reservations.

Please remember we are reasonable people with many years experience of successful and positive relationships with our clients.

Payment Terms

Unless agreed in advance in writing, Inside Out Photography’s payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of original invoice!

Copyright And Image Usage For Commissioning Clients

It is Inside Out Photography’s policy (depending on all our terms being met in full to grant copyright and a continued image usage licence.

Copyright licence to use images, comes into effect from the date of payment in respect to the relevant invoice(s),
and funds being cleared in Inside Out Photography’s bank account.

Inside Out Photography retains the right to use any non-commercially-sensitive images for use in IOP’s own publicity material, unless otherwise specifically requested!

Please note; Copyright licence to use said image(s) applies solely to the original named commissioning client(s), subsidiaries, and parent companies and is
NOT automatically-transferrable*.

*In the event of the commissioning client(s) being bought-out/merging with a third-party, or ceasing to trade and subsequently re-launching as a new enterprise, copyright license to use said image(s) is revoked, and any subsequent use without written permission of said images by said parties, will be deemed to be an infringement of Inside Out Photography’s copyright.

In the event of non-settlement of invoice(s), any publicity material, printed or electronic reproduced, by the Client(s) or their representative(s) which contains any images relating to said unpaid invoice(s), will be deemed to be an infringement of
Inside Out Photography’s copyright.

Unless agreed in writing, Inside Out Photography does not allow any images to be re-sold, passed onto, or used by, any third parties. This includes other contractors involved with the same project. The exception(s) to this are; commissioning client’s subsidiaries, parent companies and any party directly involved in producing promotional material directly for the commissioning Client(s).

Inside Out Photography expressly forbids any IOP images to be sold or passed on to image libraries whether fee charging, or royalty free.

Inside Out Photography promises not to supply images to a third party competitor or sub-contractor without the agreement of the original commissioning client(s), this is conditional on the original invoice being settled in full.

Storage And Retention Of Client's Image Files

Unless instructed to the contrary, it is Inside Out Photography’s policy to store all images on multiple external hard drives, for protection against the loss of the original supplied disc(s) by the client or their agents, for a minimum of ten (10) years.

If you
DO NOT wish us to retain said images, you MUST inform Inside Out Photography by clearly worded email, instructing us to erase/dispose of said images. Inside Out Photography will not be held responsible for any subsequent lose of supplied images, no matter how arising!

Copyright Infringements

Any Un-authorised use, either knowingly or otherwise, printed or electronically displayed or published of Inside Out Photography’s work by any business, individual or their Agents, will be deemed to be an infringement of IOP’s copyright under UK & EU copyright law.

Liability to comply with UK & EU copyright law lies solely with the end-user or owner of website, or other published material and is not diminished in the event that said image(s) are supplied by a third party such as a web design company. Website owners must ensure that a
‘Reasonable and Diligent Search’ has been made to try to identify the copyright status of any image(s) and graphics used on said site!

This copyright is unaffected by any subsequent, stripping-out of
**metadata, third-party manipulation, cropping or defacing of said image(s). Inside Out Photography reserves the right under UK & EU copyright law, to issue an invoice for the period of usage. This right to invoice is regardless of whether the copyright images are subsequently removed, cease to be used or continue to be in use.

** Metadata is copyright information etc electronically embedded into every Inside Out Photography image, removal of said image is deemed to be an indication that the copyright breach was intentional and with knowledge of relevant UK & EU copyright law.

Client Confidentiality

Inside Out Photography promises to respect client(s) confidentiality regarding any information received including any industrial/commercial processes observed. This also extends to IOP promising when requested, not to publish any images which depict commercially sensitive information, or which might risk 'spoiling' events, launches or announcements, until such time when the client(s) deems said information to have ceased to be time-sensitive or confidential.

Quotes - Client's Instructions - Settlement Of Invoices

Inside Out Photography will supply the services outlined in our original quote to you the client, or your representative(s); any additional work subsequently requested may incur further charges, of which you, or your representative(s) will be informed of; verbally in advance and when time allows, in writing.

Any quote supplied by
Inside Out Photography is based on the information supplied and is dependent on appropriate client(s) preparation prior to our visiting site, or receiving goods. IOP reserves the right to request an additional fee for any time lost though lack of preparation directly, or indirectly by the commissioning client or the commissioning client’s representatives.

Any instructions received verbal or written, from the commissioning client(s) or their representatives, will be treated in good faith, and interpreted by
Inside Out Photography as an official instruction.

Where images are viewed and approved mid-shoot by the commissioning client(s) or the commissioning client’s representatives, this will be interpreted by
Inside Out Photography as an official signing-off of said images. Any subsequent re-shoot requested may therefore incur further charges.

Where extra expense or time is incurred by
Inside Out Photography, as a result of alterations to the original brief by the commissioning client(s) or the commissioning client’s representative(s), or otherwise at their request, the commissioning client(s) may be liable to pay such extra reasonable expenses or fees at IOP’s normal rates in addition to the expenses shown as having been agreed or estimated.

A booking is considered firm as from the date of confirmation. In the event of cancellation
Inside Out Photography may, at their discretion charge a fee to cover any such pre-incurred expenses by IOP in the preparation for the commission (i.e. Air tickets, hotel reservations).

Mutual Consideration

Inside Out Photography's basic outlook on life is to treat everyone with respect, and in return expect the same level of professional courtesy to be shown to all IOP personnel.

IOP also accepts and understands that working to a deadline can be stressful for all parties and that occasionally matters may get a little 'frayed'! however as with all interactions in life, our day together will go much more smoothly if we all get along.

In the highly unlikely and to-date
unprecedented case that IOP feels acceptable limits have been exceeded due to the client's or client's representatives unreasonable behaviour, IOP reserves the right to withdraw from a shoot if and to invoice for the time spent on site and in preparation.

In this instance IOP do not accept any liability for any incurred costs arising from missed deadlines.


It has never happened in our 27 years of trading, but In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction in regard to images supplied, Inside Out Photography must be notified within 10 working days of the client or clients representatives receiving and viewing said images. After this period IOP will regard any lack of communication as an official signing-off of said project. Any additional photography or re-shoot requested may subsequently incur further charges and the original invoice must be settled in accordance to our trading terms of 30 days.

Once again; please remember we are both professional and reasonable people, our prime concern is to ensure all of our clients go away happy with the service that
IOP provides.

Photography Training - Specific T&C

All fees for Light-School photography training are required to be paid for, and funds cleared 7 days in advance of the training date. In the event of cancellation by the delegate within a period of 7 days before the training day, Inside Out Photography reserves the right to retain pre-paid fees, but will sympathetically review any application for a refund on a case-by-case basis.

An additional travelling expenses fee may be required for locations outside of a 15-mile radius of
Inside Out Photography’s postcode(s).

Course timings are approximate and may possibly be shortened by, extended travelling periods, working through lunch upon request, or if the candidate feels that the chosen subject has been sufficiently covered.

Any reasonable additional expenses such as parking fees at delegate requested locations, will be agreed in advance, and are required to be settled on the day of training, in cash!

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales. These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out photography are commercial photographers covering the major centres of the North West and Midlands, including. Manchester, Buxton, Liverpool, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Bolton, Doncaster, Derby and UK wide.

T  07831 344 722   -   E

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